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The Leukocytes. During the first few days of the fever there is

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life usually does not require an anxiolytic Effectiveness for more than four months

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May and other Eastern points for the last two weeks, have re-

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should, as far as possible, be the same. The objections to this are

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although a stern admonition to avoid perjury will be necessary so that

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derangement of the nerve-centres as its predisposing

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which we quote in his own words. *' It would have been for-

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to the same species. Two other trypanosomes, however, were

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Case I.— W. Y., aged 23. Family history, good. Past his-

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blood lost. Three weeks later the right breast was re-

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mology is here presented for tlie first time in an English dress

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later tympanites develops. Fluctuation can sometimes be elicited. Oi

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of the institution the most recent contributions from that institution

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consideration of the fecundity of marriages. The number of legitimate

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tricity, with the wearing of gloves for warmth, and

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of America, and of the individual States of the United

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papers that a member of the police force of that city was recently bit-

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At the London Hospital, in 1848-9, owing to the means placed by

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that a free injection of warm water, followed by a small injection of warm

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reach four inches below the trochanters, and above it should just come up

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wa-sh it with sulphuric ether and again with antiseptic soap and water, and

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remedies for vomiting and anodynes. The bowels were moved

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The left bronchial vein empties into the left superior intercostal.

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(character of the pulse and of the second aortic sound at the

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sumed a sore and irritated appearance about the edge of the alse, and a

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With others, I too, have tried to solve this mystery and having had

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plicated ; in 59 the disease was complicated with vertebral and tubercular

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attack. A diagram illustrating the facts elicited as to residence, age,

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is concerned about the treatment of impending or real vas-

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amount of new tissue at different points, and is usually

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material which spread out in the marrow cavities to a greater or less

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there may be in them an element of harm. The mechanism producing

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that in two cases of syphilitic infection all the diflference between