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tube of skin called a follicle. The medulla, or pith, of

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Before the case was dismissed from the couch, a piece of iris was excised from

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els in splints and so favors the formation of those

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abandoning the drug for a time. The diuretic effect begins

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dried in the stove, powdered, mixed with some chalk, and

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dren in these two families died with it. The cases were under the care of

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states that "the winning of the West has been marked by the debris

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these cases, and which is bound to cause death if left alone,

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prolonged chill, with or without rigor, ushered in the disease, accom-

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Subscriptions and advertisements received, specimen copies and bound volumes for sale by the

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obtained which give a basis of comparison of the results obtained in

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Soon shows pain by pawing, suddenly lying down, rolling, and

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Fig. 4*5. Vertical section through the vail of an ovarian cyst, showing the papil-

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section, extirpation, and reposition of the protruding

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part de delbrmation qui reviont aux os do, la jambe dans

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1888-9, i, 197-201, lpl.—Kcid(T.) Mycosis of th(M'yeball.

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two attacks of jaundice, anemia, nodes upon the iibise,

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famous, by Adolphus Boehmer, who had studied under Manningham,

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somewhat elaborate, but it was found necessary to put somo

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Brooklyn Hospital, visiting obstetrician to the Bush-

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ing out of a warrant for the arrest of the accused.

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the course of the disease was not influenced by the operation.

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1. That if " climacteric," why do the troubles not cease with

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far as a centre can be individualised, and that the exercises pro-

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ceive and less likely to miscarry than their robuster sisters.