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venous congestion, and this, together with deficient oxygenation of thi
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ment-houses of cities no doubt furnish such instances,
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tain poisons, as in hydrophobia, or in the special affinitive actions
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recurred on Dec. 12 and estivo-autumnal organisms were found. The patient
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from the use of the common drinking cup, the roller
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He also showed that it is present in the stomach, in various
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The microbe of this disease is a vibrion ; larger than the bacillus of an-
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the method of Dr. j\farshall Hall, "to imitate respiration," it varied
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April 8th, the child being completely comatose. The temperature is
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urines. The yellow color in such cases is changed to an intense red
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and November, 1911. On December 1 of that year, early in the
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cytic leukemia, 45% had titers of 1:160 or greater with a
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have never seen a case of it. They were all well-built,
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developed. The external appearance of the brain was healthy ; but be-
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nize as common accompaniments of these injuries, rather than upon
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pometric method of Bertillon was being adopted with
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by the modifying influence of climate upon the course of the disease.
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(1) to radiant heat, (2) to chemical energy. This chemical
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ing over us will soon disappear, and, as the new year
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bably always subside (unless death supervenes) after some indeterminate
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Where it was important to keep parts of the section in Iheir
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mata." She gave an account of the operative proceed-
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function of the eliminative glands an important share
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the left chest, with the rig^ht leg strongly flexed :
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ment of the diarrhoea. The tenderne.ss of the muscles
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the last month because the secretary whom we elected was a homeopathic
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series of forty |)atients treated by the bichloride without the
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There was an increase of 15 in the admissions as compared
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longest in the history of the college, extending over
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present themselves during the course of an operation.
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We have been told of a sharp system of medical practice by a firm who were this week
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holds the affected part of the spine as still as he can,
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in our hands the knowledge by which we can judge them. The
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sure. The Committee on Legislative Affairs was charged
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benefit it is intended, is a provocation we do not court, and of
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vices held for convalescents at the Hospital ; and Dr. Tyler
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(3) History of Control Division, ASF, 1942-45, App,
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was always wringing wet from perspiration, and the hair
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RadiogTa|)li sliowing- ]\rauser liullet embedded, Imtt-end foremost, in tlie