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is one which occurs synchronously with various lateral move-

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of strychnia. No symptoms of poisoning had occurred at the end of /"'"

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than one or two minutes ; the convulsion, which is very violent, lasts

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in the apex of a lung. Is this wide difference in prog-

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and in the supervention or increase of tympanites, with general abdominal

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once rendered useless if by some chance or accident water had

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it in the other forms. These claims in behalf of this treatment have not been

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prising when we reflect upon the character of the con-

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place in consequence of organic diseases induced apparently by the iong

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observed cases, where, after dislocation of the shoulder-joint, the func-

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such kind of intermediate influence it is probable that

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passages, and of the function of respiration, rapidly improved when

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body without further formality or additional expense.

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variola. It resembles the latter particularly in its permanent cicatrices

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mechanicians lest its progress as a scientific aid to diagnosis be

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Whipple : "Typhoid Fever." Wiley & Sons, N. Y., 1908.

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2. There is great danger attendant upon the retention in utero

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presently adverted to, the morbid anatomy of rheumatism calls for little

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he died in coma two days thereafter. His temperature

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acquirements of their ci^il compeers. There cannot be much

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impossible to distinguish from B. pullorum by the use of this carbohydrate alone.

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amined for slight defects of hearing, which might easily

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I. Results of Bleeding in Pneumonia. — The total number of cases,

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great deal; indeed he may save life though not in pernicious

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2. Further Experiences with Emetine Bismuth Iodide in Ame-

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brought distinctly into view by dissection of the sac, was tied on both sides of

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conidiophores sketched (X 1-10); /, g, forms of conidial fructification (X 140).

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dizziness so much that he fell on the floor at her feet, in a semi-conscious condi-

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except as hereinafter provided, the equivalent of five per centum

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jury. Never talked nor walked. Classic flaccid hypotonia of

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the urine. Burkhart and Pribram state that there is a diminution of indican.

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carries the dose to 4 oz. ; or 5 or 6 dr. for smaller animals.

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