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the passage of blackwater.^ The onset of many other attacks in this series

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Nothing could be ascertained respecting the cause of this attack. The

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Advertising in and snip of Institute Bulletins -^ '"SS S

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constantly open, raved incessantly, had subsultus tendinum, floccitatio,

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discussed by E. W. Goodall.^ He "is not accustomed to lay much stress

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ter contain 200 beds, or, more properly speaking, cradles ; viz. 100 for

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wife, on account of her neglect and indifference, so that at last

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of mercury, gr. i-ioo, t, L d., alone fed on Arthur V. Meig^^s milk for-

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tities of the protein, e. g., egg white, and frequency with which it is

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sense challenges all past experience and invites disputa-

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the growth was noticed, and then missed her periods

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13. Chart showing Recrudescence op P'ever from Indiscretion of Diet. 283

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death, Dr. C. had been Prof, of Surgery in the Maine Medical School.

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arsenic, it would be impossible to accurately calculate the amount of

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Section 2535 of the Connecticut Statutes reads as follows :

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There is a good demand for superior cows, providing they be of conditions to enter

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Swales.— On Februarj- 11, at Alexandra-terrace, Sheerness, the wife of

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It Is extremely dilHcult to relieve the prurigo formlcans either

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continued. This follows because a high bodily temperature

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angioma of considerable size. At the time when he consulted me

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chin-cough; kink-hoast ; coqueluche; tussis convulsiva; tussis fe-

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posing causes, alone, might have been inadequate ; but, conjointly, they

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of useful and necessary information, more practical matters of symptomatology,

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reason, however, for the verification of a death by expert

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phia. All papers to be in the hands of the Chairman, by or before

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of fplrits, and fpontaneous evacuation of feminal fluid, but

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