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last general session of the Kansas and Missouri Valley Medical So-

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system, in some more finely tuned and more responsive than

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tary reform. The next point touched on in the report has reference

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mentions the electrolytical interrupter, the orthodia-

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minous substances. That most generally employed at this

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bodies. Specimens for isolation (courtesy of W.E. Stamm,

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forty years. It occurs ofbener in females than in males. ProC S. G. ir*

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presence of a salt of carbamic acid. If, however, the lime-

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sion, leaving plenty of margin for subsequent suture. The mem-

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tinued use of the eyes on uear objects is impossible without present


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within the first week, sometimes on the first or second day.

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tially everted state of the edge of the Kd, called lijipi-

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closed, and allowed to remain so for at least twenty-four

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common with its solution after coagulation has taken place. To preserve

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gums are cleaned daily, and will note any soreness of the gums or incipient

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tion of the Precordia.) The diastoiic bulging of the chest-wall produces a diastolic

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hospital from Canada had to be declined for the same reason.

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0 has been found in the dilated bile-ducts, and inciden-

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glanders. I have also observed that glanders is developed in

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the attached border, and which I propose to call the right and

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kept up the ghostly semblance of a court. A faithful servant to the

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and position of Mr. Watson — no doubt they woidd not have demanded

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community, is calculated to impair, in a moral point of view, their

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fibroid phthisis. He was nominated a member of the General

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The two incident pellagrins in Zone 2 in 1916 were sisters, Pel-

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is so lax as to make it of little if any value as a test of the

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dates. On the contrary, for a given wave length, our measurements

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in a reverse order from those in the well-known phenomenon of

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of a general febrile disease, a diagnosis of uon-suppura-

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gained 3 pounds in the next two weeks. The next in-