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in the battles at Cross Keys, Cedar Mountain, Second Bull Run,
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ous influences, and in every way prepared in the most careful
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caffeine, camphorated oil), to injections of adrenalin, chloride
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There are still other symptoms referable to the circulatory system. It
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disinfectants, of which a copy has lately reached us. In view of
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certainly is one of the best of the many foods sold for infants and invalids.
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cumstances, seen ; but, having gained access to the blood and
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Victoria E. Escher, of Chicago, who very materially as-
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in hospitals. Treatment by simple incision, by removing a por-
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plating a State charity it provided for the entire State, and therefore
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Payne was not present, his paper was read by title only.
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surface in a solution of four drops of rhus vernix to the teaspoonful
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very rapidly. After incisions have been made dressings
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the position of Physician to the Gynaecological Depart-
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deific powers, and no attempts at a proper understanding of
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a fond father, which event compelled her to leave the
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their first symptom. It is not at all exceptional for the lancinating pains of
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infected fluids. This consists in the application of heat. The boiling
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was graduated from this college in December, 1832. , . .
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of Menstruation," Il-id., 1885. " Infantile Paralysis," Ar-
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increasing prevalence of pneumonia for years past, and its high
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treatment, or that an allopath should on no account use a
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From the 1 8th to the 23d it was noticed that his breathing was
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In 1853 comparisons were made in Newcastle, where the mor-
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organism; and in the first part of his life, so long as he has milk for his
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a number of joints suffer, so that any monarticular arthritis should not be
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Mahala Mackay, was the daughter of Charles and Lydia
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the sacral uterine ligaments. This condition can be easily verified, not only when
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tion ; sordes on teeth ; dry tongue, dark-brown coating in centre ;
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at the New Post Graduate Medical School and Hospital in
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The presence of other wounds is in favour of the man's
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tising the organ or piano. The history furnished by the patient
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mended the late "answer to a correspondent" of a clever
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1. "Reflex Disturbances due to Irritation of the External Auditory Canal,"
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So, too, the absence of constipation, and of any tenderness
surroundings of the patient are under his direct supervis-
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1898 ; was secretary of the faculty for some years, and in 1886 re-
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much under discussion in the medical profession. The treat-
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As an educator, Dr. Downes has also been active in the medical
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reasons why he was selected for the peculiar distinction of
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and physician to the Maternity Hospital, Blackwell's Island. Dur-
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