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other four are such that if one is evoked it brings the others into action in
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short of nuclear material and a functional paralysis results. If the shortage
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In support of this view two cases are reported. In the first case the
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the case were a strong motor excitation accompanied by pupil dilatation,
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vention of the cerebral symptoms. Some writers, as Moizard^
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that the serum of normal rabbits contains lysin and opsonin, also agglutinin
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bacilli into the spleen and into the gall-bladder containing gall-stones.
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continues after the action of that organ has ceased ; and be-
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smallest possible quantity of the protein to be used for the intoxicating dose.
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encephalitis. It died with typical encephalitic lesions on the eleventh day.
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of dropsy and purpura, that the author refers most frequently
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then complained of feeling unwell, and soon went to bed.
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* Zeit. f. Exp. Path. u. Therapie, 1912, x, 412, 448; xi, 69.
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after in another Family at four Miles distance, three Children
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movement of the collapsed lung does the pneumotliorax have? What
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ments in transplantation of the parathyroid glandules which were
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which was able to erode the surface of Loeffler's serum at hydrogen-ion con-
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level. This happens, however, whenever the initial diminution is very
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cell changes we have referred to are the essential lesion of beri-beri and the
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could be afforded by active means, he could survive but for a
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prominence in the precordium, indulating impulse, retraction, Friedreich's
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to get at any reliable data as to the results, as at that date
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of serum from members of the same family ; this will usually eliminate
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in 444 cases, was repeated. This repetition of the test in the negative cases
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of the organism also plays an important role. In cancer the hyperinosis
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normal horse serum used by the authors was obtained from a horse in which
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up to the age of 14 years this substance is very strongly developed, but
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influenza antigen (vide Medical Science, 1920, 2, 413) record another case in
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can compress the junction of the venae cavae with the right auricle. Then
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Hupp, A. Postoperative Thrombose und Lungenembolie. Arch. f. klin. CMr.,
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to return to its healthy condition, the peculiarity ceases, and
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