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is a fair degree of exophthalmos. Paralysis and marked swelling of the left
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cause it to be distinguished from dermatomyositis or other seemingly similar
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tion between the bony orbit and the bulb. Fr. Miiller points out the
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iim otV t'loiri till' slclliitc "j.iii'.'liiiii itsfir, (If t'rdiii ilic n'lsa suliclavii or
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I>ossible. These patients may be treated for years for "muscular rheuma-
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described a case of primary glandular tuberculosis simulating Hodgkin's
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s\stolic picNsuic diiriiii; muscular exercise can be attriiiuted to this
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illii-ti.iii- l\ III. .11.!.- ! ...111... tiiii! .I.iiii.l liii.> till- Mnth...| ..f li.iliim .ill l.y i..iii,i.
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^,ic is nIhiwii liy till' I'iii-t tliiit tlic i-rll iiiiiy In- cut iiitii Mis witlimit tlii'
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life and occupations involving exposure are apparently important factors.
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stomach is upset, salt solution may be given by enema or, in very severe cases,
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:; e .-,, ;iii<| ihe amount of s.ilt solution |)laeed outside the sae should he
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,1 liiraiis tlir |iiil;i>»ilUII stiiills ihtcllM' lihirU. Ill M'u:ftiilil lis. Infill
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'.ilun..n IS |il, hi tho laiKL' u^l lulu.- vuUi tin- m.Ii- artn, :ii>>l iii il m mi-|'<ui|i.| I'a- l.ulli
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IS sometimes lighted up by the use of ether or chloroform.
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Many of these patients, besides being very aged, were in poor physical con-
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The parathyroids were doubtless seen and partially described by earlier
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Ik' ctiiiscil fii lit'at (|uili' ri'iiiilarly it' sii|ipliiM| with pni|ici' imti'iciil llin
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.iivrr w.prks in a wat.rj.r..,,! .,,,1. ij,,- li,-a,| lu-mu nul.iM-il in a mpprr hi-lmit Linncclcl liy willi
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iMcnt, and is then as rapidly rccomliincd .,i;ain in the lun«s. Moreover,
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continue for many months. Murchison* drew attention to these relapsing
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attacks, and there is no extension to the arms or legs or trunk. Secondly,
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ilitTci'ciitiatcd from one another liy their shape, slaiiiilii; properties. :\<
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I'.isiih's atTcctiii^r the rate ami slri'M^'th of tlio hcarthcat. the va^iis also
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autopsy showed hemorrhagic capillary extravasation in the distribution of
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the time of onset than those belonging to the peri-articular form. In advanced
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be considered. As has already been said, the outlook depends a great deal
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the left wrist was a little stiff, and from that time he has had constant trouble
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iiiiild l)c (li>s(.i\»(| ill tlic III I woiiM he (Hily ipiic-fiiiticth (if that which
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and that the cle\clopment of tliis condition can often he <j-uar(h'd airain
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of one who is accustomed to it, and with all proper care of the patient, is
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at all times, saline effervescing draughts, and drinks
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Pftths of Entzy of tiie Bacteria. — There are a number of interestmg and
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tubercle bacillus should be carefully looked for. Lenhartz, in 80 cases of
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llinll is lint sullicielit ly compi'ellcllsiv e. \
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been published. Many undoubtedly have been diagnosed as acromegaly.
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A good many tumors of the chromaffin tissue, in the adrenals as well as
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any animal c<'lls can live, and \ et this acid is secreted liy the lininu'
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are attacks of suffocation, especially on lying down or while asleep, with
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of the incision the sheath was easily slit open, the
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