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" Re-unions" did I say ? Yes, indeed such a spectacle in our county

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have served in India that in such instances the only way in.

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l*he foUoViiig statement hais reference to Berlin i

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interest among us here, and would do so but for the prejudice

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more serious disturbance, as, for example, in the well-known cases

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in more bloody, and literally exterminating wars; and who

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result of two factors combined, namely, growth to some

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the night; distention of the abdomen somewhat diminished; com-

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occurred at intervals varjnng from half an hour to an

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matory Fever of West India Ports ; or the Causus. If the latter were

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of the armentary of the well-trained nurses. Then gives a short chapter on the

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5. Cheyne-Stokes respiration and Traube-Hering curves are common

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In both of the Rhenish provinces, Cleveberg and tha

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has a decided antiseptic action, as when it is brought

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was abstracted by the forceps. A second examination revealed

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proves of great service, especially in obstinate or

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In this delightful presentation of a rather uninteresting subject,

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England States, the northern portion of the State of New York, in Ken-

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soda, which seems to enable the saliva to act. The deterrent

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the abdomen, but not requiring tapping. Subject to that the disease

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callings, not even the last, though practised in perfection,

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neither nystagmus nor involvement of the limbs. She is n:iarried and

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then, however, a horse is met with whose limbs never swell from

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^ Transactions of the American Ophthalmological Society, 1903.

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sition by a plaster-of-Paris bandage. The healing was prompt

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divided into two equal halves, cutting off through ventilation. Any

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are produced by anything which provokes the sexual passion, and may

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fuse mucous diarrhoea. Roederer and Wagler have given an ex-

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of -Strength, " Dr. "Khubarb" and Dr. "Salts of Hartshorne."

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Schenck, of the Johns Hopkins Hospital, or " a case of refrac-

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one or more public hospitals or dispensaries, British or Foreign,

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angle to the body. If the muscles of the back are afifected, the

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is different in different animals, and in the same animals at different

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