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expressly says that the Academy adopts the code of ethics of the American

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Christison's motion with refei-ence to the Pharmacopoeia,

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The human stomach is capable of being extended by our food and

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Co-existing dyspepsia will require treatment as directed in that disease.

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diet. If carbohydrates were used alone, the secretions acted poorly

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some cases other symptoms also improve, but in others they grow worse.

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than the concavity of the acetabulum, whilst the neck of the bone

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sion over the elongated prominence in the lower part of the abdomen is

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may have been extinguished ; the suri'ace have acquired an

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Waldeyer,^ Orth,^ Heiberg,* and Von Recklinghausen* found the

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tional conduct, has brought me ill will. It will certainly

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mucous membranes were rather pale and sclerotics slightly icteric.

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perature as low as possible. An ice bag applied to the head is often

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tivae, &c., are noted in our records as accompanying 10 per

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of the body to resist infection. Smallpox, scarlet fever, measles, tuber-

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intoxication, the formation or liberation of hepatic products having a

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his house ; and now, in a few months afterwards, he is prosecuting a large

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January 26, 1901, and the opportunity of applying it

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General Monthly Meeting, Monday, December 2, Sir Henry

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has ceased under the influence of some remedy, whose mode of

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the drain of fluid from the blood. Others, with more

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The number of members for the last few years had been

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munity is making to cf»ntribute its share to the support of the Oovern-

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whether they could not earlier be recognized as lupus-nodules,

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not a few instances in which the fever runs on for fom', five, or even six

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the type of what is required. The old notion that whatever a sick man

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steadf astlv as the Moslem holds his devotism to Allah ? And what was

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order in which they succeed each other, and certain of the phenomena aie