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of Deglutition. — Dr. J. M. Bi.kyek presented a new intubation-

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say whether it is intra-peritoneal or extra-peritoneal,

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from her side, and she then confided the matter to M.

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in the gastro-duodenalis, and the left hepatic branches, all of which

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any thing beyond them and the aim of our practice must needs

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days ago. This, to my mind, while a small series of cases, is very

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very copiously. There was little time to think of treatment

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urinary sediment. Tyrosin, on the other hand, may be discovered some-

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narrow lumen ; their appearance is cloudy and granular, and a portion of

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Stockschlaeder, P., 186 South Ave., Eochester, Monroe Co.

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left stranded on the surface in intimate combination. In pro-

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With the normal liver the rise of portal pressure was 1 mm. for

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likely you will introduce too much fluid if the pressure is not great. I

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was able to walk to my office and return to his home

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shipments under 10 pieces, of bacon and of casings, likewise of fresh

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considered by the legislature as pertaining chiefly, if not exclu-

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temic laws herein published as contributions to medical science.

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brought to me. I do not pretend to have made absolute

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ren, in the old '"'■ American Observer,'''' for which he wrote a number of articles,

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too, is a remarkably healthy place, though a casual visi-

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have not given that careful attention and time to its

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had a first recognized attack of pellagra. It seems very doubtful

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institutions from without the respective districts) from certain

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which, together with a dry cough (tussis hepatica), the fever, evening

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bility was certainly not one of the least of its good offices.

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are doubtless many weak points in his system, and many

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letting loose more evils than issued from Pandora's box, is

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A case of extensive brain injury was presented by Dr. W. F. Becker. The

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is to know that direct inflammation of the brain has begun 1

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facts were given, the great distinction between our journalism and that of Great

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medicine trade, that some years since the attention of the profession

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Using a model which approaches public health hazards through three focal points — host,

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to study. He spoke and read the three Scandinavian languages besides English

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patella, leaving only a few external fibres and the

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soldiers and Spanish immigrants. Finlay had already claimed to have

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as possible from his. As the infectiousness of typhus fever is verjr much

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as the latter may become infected en route, ing, and (5) the skin of the patient. This

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in their use, and not a few by somewhat lengthy extracts from