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ened, and in some cases new bone is laid on more or less regularly

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part, and sometimes with a distribution specially following certain nerves.

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whether the disease be of peripheral or central origin, examination

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to me, and amazed at sights never before heard spoken of,

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MUDRANE GG Elixir. Each teaspoonful (5 cc) contains

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bound in flexible morocco. Price, $1.25 net. Philadelphia, W. B.

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Rodman, J. C, Acting Assistant Surgeon— Granted leave of absence for seven days from June

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Of the General Laws ok Innervation in Bealtb and Disease

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women in labor, the type of the Eileithyiai, the hand-

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be examples of this kind of ' centraV asthma. The first was com-

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Fissure. — Of the fifty-two cases of fissure, little need

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modate at any one time one hundred patients. The period of treat-

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anopia. He was unable to see the hand approaching from the

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acyclovir (zovirax) famciclovir (famvir) e valacyclovir (valtrex)

14. That collections of pure water, although of considerable ex-

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tion the infectious arthritides are divided, in so far as our pur-

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Mr. Darwin's name has been placed lirst on the list

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The degenerated ceUs are thrown off bodily into the lumen of the

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limbs (Little's disease) is usually due to defective development or to diffuse

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masses of exudates. The vaginal fornices are sensi-

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latent tumors, to make a preliminary excision for diag-

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deBarceL, 1895, xxi, 391; 419; 445; 521; 548. Ai,so [ A Ijstr.] :

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able to attend to business. The internal treatment consisted

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symptoms of typhoid fever are wanting, viz., diarrhoea, meteorism, and

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three-quarters of all these movements were isolated movements of flexion or

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Among the conditions causing chronic obstruction by

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nosis, comes from palpation of the organ itself. If in

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mac sailed for Gauyaquil, and a few days afterward for Pay-

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therefore, these books may be found in various bibliographies such as

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logical and biological differences between them. In addition to the small,

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Obsbrvbrs.— George E. Franklin, U. S. Weather Bureau, Los Angeles; Ford A. Carpenter,

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In a state of exhaustion he would regard hyoscyamine

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low and the high, to the criteria which must decide the value of any

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