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which after death fibrinous deposit on the hearths valves existed, we

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several degrees above the normal — that is, if the patient

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stant use of cataplasms in the treatment of inflammations of the great cavities.

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odd symptoms, the patient had " a peculiar convulsive voice-sound,

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within thirty-six hours of the appearance of the' disease ; there existed

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which, by closing the right eyelid, was removed; also, she felt, at the same

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40. Threads of Caoutchouc for Sutures. — Thomas Nunneley Esq., of Leeds,

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cerebral symptoms in some of these cases very closely resembled those

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laws of our climate, which further research will ultimately confirm.

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on the forty-eighth day, and left the hospital with slight shortening of the foot,

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II. On Epispagties as Exciting and Depressing Agents, and their

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operations performed by Mr. Y., and that " in some of these no g-ood result loiiowed,

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In 1860 there was, between August 16th and December 14th, a partial preva-

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The first seems to have ^'■failed" the second only " ameliorated''^ a high degree

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febrile action. A change of volume in the tongue, which quickly attains an

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all doubts as to the nature of the malady ceased. The epidemic

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is more difficult than inspiration. The chest bulges, thej

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cacious, and whether the inertness has been due to its adminis-

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most violent kind. With intervals of intermission the disease continued above

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probable that they have had at some period pf their lives a con-

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which corroborate entirely the conclusions drawn by most other physiologists

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XII. — On the Treatment of Irreducible Hernia, By John