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insert an artificial tube through which the child may breathe.
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Donald P. Davis, Carlinville, 111., to 1814 East Wood
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is sometimes api)lied to these simple inflammations of mucous membranes
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of cases, he had seen the local and constitutional symptoms at
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abated. It was hoped that Nature might effect a cure. She went
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diluted, and variously modified, and we are obliged to re-
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tumour to Dr. Bennion and Dr. Bailey. The appendages on the right
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susception does not militate against a small incizion. In
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ral ventricle, and penetrating as far back as the posterior crus of
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frequently that sarcomatous tumors grow in the choroid ; that sarco-
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milder cases and less infective in the abortive rashes usually
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flammation in the lower animal is always healthy, always
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firm, and with a margin likely to be only moderately sharp.
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mechanism of the skeleton, the actioir of the muscles, the
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So long as the boy can remember he has been aware of a
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The presumption is, in any given case, against a primary peritonitis. A
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American surgeons devised pressure on the aorta for haemostatic
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the actions of different organs can be telegraphed (so to speak) to each other, contusion in a
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closely located inguinal glands may escape infection, none of them
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erste Verband auf dem Schlachtfelde" („ The First Dressing on the Field
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nearly so, and at least the life of the child saved by operation; but from a
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who have passed the age of fifteen or sixteen years.-
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not necessarily signify absence of infection. (2) That in the
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with a broken bone or a lacerated wound will give you the history
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man was not the man accused of the murder, they had fulfilled their
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mucous tissue there is, as we have seen, a secondary
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one occasion sjbe asked, doubtingly, if a three-shilling piece
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other structures, in cases of simple fracture, may be examined, and, if tho-ight
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labor as well as devotional exercises. Nine years later
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him. This had led him to seek advice, the constitu-
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* There has been a good deal of speculation as to why certain
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one or two years. Recovery is rare, but periods of improve-
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origmally a scrofulous tumour, was discovered in the posterior lobe
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The cases of puerperal fever, according to my observation, were
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Catlett — MiOHiE. — In Aberdeen, Miss., on Wednesday,
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convulsions, and a prolonged stupor. AVe can hardly fail to regard such
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and constii^ation; (6) Fire causes pain in the sides, diabetes, etc. The
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made of it. A saturated solution of alum (sulphas aluminas et potassas) may
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dread lest he fall, and he opens the eyes after momentary closure with
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onited by lymph, by the expansion of the compressed limg. They may
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has diminish :t twenty-fire tit in the last twenty years.