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The cases related above appear to me to suggest that fibrositis of

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A New Sign of Alcoholism. — Maridort describes a sign

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the interval been rubbing ointment of hydriodate of potash over the

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that the school can greatly aid a faithful pupil preparing to teach.

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have inadvertently admitted a number ; and instead of advancing any

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ing rapidly increased in size ; the pains were referred to

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nomonic or diagnostic symptoms. The characteristic expectoration of

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mines in Cornwall, Belgium, Italy, and elsewhere, ^S^^y^^tTof some o^

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barium up out of the pouch and then on down the cesophagus, so

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copper spatulas, oil of turpentine, or " styptic colloid," numerous

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this country by Dr. AYm. II. Draper in a paper read to the New York Acad-

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Wis. ; George G. Young, M. D., Iowa State Medical Society.

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region, with indigestion. There is distinct sensitiveness to press-

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_Jbu^ oJXl IA^^a^aIAul^AsO^-AUL^D , <a^U^Jl*J tr^Lfc ! a 4 ■' (LQ.

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prostatic hyperplasia. Therefore, the PSA-a^-antichy-

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indeterminate. (3) The duration of the amaurosis varies largely. (4) The

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pneumococcus serum. It was decided, on this account, to e.xhaust

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Many observers have wrongly confounded it with hypertrophic elongation or

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from nineteen days to eight months. Ursemic delirium may break out

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power for evil. That is, the hereditary transmission of acquired char-

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ments of the University and may be recalled at any time. This school

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foetus was still in the uterus of the mother-animal ? ^ If this

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hour or hour, with wine whey or brandy toddy; spts. nit. dulc, spts.

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rived in India, they faced a darker, smaller people and

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of the entire body, including those of the stomach and intestines, bile

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(c) Increased Irritability of the Uterus. — It is obviously necessary

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of a man who had suflfered from climate, and, in reply to my

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results, as regards establishing immunity from the later

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for the actuation of movements other than those of speech, the bilateral

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of normal size, was in a state of marked retroflexion.

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Being as careful as I could, I did not succeed in ob-

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new blood. Uncertainty in the whole racing system. Foreign