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ttito, cito y et jucunde, whether the pathology and diagnosis be

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Dr Hunt's first wife was r;iiiabcth E,, daughter of

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Charles B., born June 22, 1900, who is now the head of the Cleveland,

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confrere as to give space and countenance to the sure-to-be-forth-

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practice at his old home, St, Joseph, where for about six

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mately to study medicine. Accordingly he entered the

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Intestinal Obstruction : its Varieties, with their Pathology, Diagnosis,

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From a short distance we see explosive effects, with numerous

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disturb them. Dr. Blake knew a case of a middle-aged pro-

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fracture by complete perforation nearly always shows much re-

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stitution of a gauze for the drainage-tube still more nearly

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definite rule, or law, if you please, in therapeutics. This is the

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W. L. Jackson, 84 Dudley Street, Roxbury, Mass., Secretary.

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severe by reason of the greater solidity of the pancreas.

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or Dr. John H. Payne. 415 Columbus Avenue, Boston, Mass.

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from Paris about 1885 that Professor Georges Apostoli was

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ease were described by Dr. C. E. Sanford of Bridgeport. The

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medicine, Dr. Webber's therapeutics would doubtless, however,

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scientific medicine " (homoeopathy, for instance), it is enough to

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Wounds of the leg are pretty frequent. Fractures of the

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later, and giving the author's latest thoughts on the subject. As

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principally at Newark High School, from which he graduated. With

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leading medical organizations. He was secretary of the Medical

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which bears date of the latter part of the seventeenth cen-

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nounced deformities of joints, and nongouty ("rheumatic "") arthritis. As

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stimulating the sciatic of the ligatured limb, contractions, not

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President, George W. Winterburn, M.D., of New York.