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malignant lymphoma was clearing up of a gangrenous ulcer, while a sarcoma

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all such remedies. It is understood that quinine enters largely into this

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condition of caries that was accessible, we would go down and curette;

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hastened when they could get an appropriation for a new

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is not to be recommended for this purpose, on account of

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ments, many hundreds of observations and cultivations of the

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furosemide for dogs reviews

riods; during the continuance of the pain, the head is drawn a

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Summar)/. — A patient, aged fifty- five years, previously in good health,

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business manager (who may also be Secretary-Treasurer of the

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of Bacteriology, it occurred to the writer to undertake a

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why should we not use it ? Retain tb^ eyelids closed by

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type named by other authorities, as, for instance, Colin; nor does he

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Dr. Whitman thought that all X-ray pictures should be interpreted.

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type where glucose disappears with gradtial decrease of carbo-

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authority of Dr. Mackay, that up to the present time the

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stitute the tubercle corpuscles, and are developed no further. It has

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against this effect. The Injections caused a relative

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of increased contraction. This is indicated by the pressures obtained

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Of 16 globulin tests only 6 were positive. Of 7 Wassermann tests

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rior towards the anterior segment of the drum-membrane, an upper or

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