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brain to a more normal condition. In the presence of pain, however,
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the urine than when the same substance was administered to a
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that gentle and refining moral influence which is seldom found
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ger. The time that elapsed from my seeing her on this occasion
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mencing pneumonia at the base of the right lung were
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tention of the medical profession having been called to manganese as a
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1817, coll' aggiuuta di alcnue riflessioui su questa
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you see so many different remedies for a certain disease, you may
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entirely curative and conserved his limb. He was sent to the base on July 11,
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200, left tonsil 200, and vault 200 colonies of hemolytic streptococci. X-rays:
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riorly. In extreme cases, these changes amount to a deformity which is
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of tumor of the lateral lobe become-more or less marked. The differential
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The flowering tops of the female plant of the Cannabis
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almost certainly was, who was also an intimate friend of Thomas Digges and
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perfectly useless for the lowering of the temperature. One, two, three,
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good quality has been supplied, maceration of the lining epithelium has
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around ; the aortic opening was patent, and tiie valves were
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diagnostic sign. The treatment of the patients was largely a
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damno. (Ibid.) And, upon the whole, he considers himself au-
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Alison, by Dr. Henderson, by Dr. Oorrnack, and in great detail by
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Onanistic Dyspepsia. Louis M. Gompertz, M.D., New Haven, . 93
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their increase in size. This stimulation, continued for
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cost. A few such rooms are useful, but as a rule a ward should be
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At any rate there was no proof that the round liga-
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instructions will serve in cases of poisoning by Stinking Hellebore,
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This, then, is the picture of the ordinary flat, or slighth' papular
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and animals in the north and western parts of India, and were provided
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" It will be perceived that I do not follow any of the writers
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with this there should be for those of the same class, who might
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side of the throat, with the result that for the first time in
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further particulars apply to the House-Surgeon, Mr. Bradley.
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turning and bringing away the foetus ; and this I did with greater facility than
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the physician's favorite quotation is often given : "where
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Should be included cases of so-called " herpes phlyctenosus "),
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They become divided into two quite separate groups, each of which
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the other organs mentioned, we have as yet no definite
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for the importance of the subject, and also to reply to the strictures
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The study of mental disorders is important to the physician as involv-
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quent are those arising from umbrella thrusts. This fact lie
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and weighing the symptoms. On the other hand, acute agonizing
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stractions of large quantities of it from the general circulation. In
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Taking the various kinds of bacteria by themselves,
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fall to the ground. Dr Livingstone belonged to Marischal College,
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ported in Tappeiner's first article in many cases passed under
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the practice of physic and surgery in this State, and
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pelves. Nine hundred and forty-one of the patients were
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was enlarged, its fibrous envelope greatly thickened, and on the under
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from 85 to 90 per cent, of calcium phosphate and from 10 to 15 per cent-