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Liverpool Regiment (late the 1st Lancashire), has resigned his commis-
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ease was better than the textbooks generally laid down, being
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Jonathan Hutchinson, F.R.S.; A. Cooper Key ; Stephen Mac-
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such cases Dr. Brunton advised a purely milk diet, which
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stimulation. He acknowledges that there are limil,s to its
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Anthrax ; Recovery. Dr. Kinds : Notes on Two Cas<;s of Renal Calculus ;
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students of the elements of bacteriology, the first three
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hardly affected by tlie course of careful dieting, enemata, and
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isolate the first cases which occur. Experience appears to
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country last week, so far as our information goes. In certain
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standing, showing that leprosy was caused by vaccination,
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cord from the epididymis, about one inch above the top of the
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alcohol, and stained with aniline blue and eosin. The two
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acted wisely in suggesting that the former (B.) should perform the
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oath. The magistrate's clerk said he did not know exactly the form.
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provision is made, it is true, for the appointment of "an inspector" to
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Norwich; J. L. Roberts, M.B., Denbigh; Mr. W. R. Ryan, Norwich ;
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T/ie ^^ervous Tis$nep.—1he fact is very often lost sight of, howFricht
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appointed to act as Civil Surgeon of Tipperah during the absence of Sur-
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weakening the heart, but not lasting long enough to
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of central keratinisation put forward by Boeck, Torok, and
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Diseases of More Stable Type. — Evidence of Change. — Scarlet
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large size (it completely filled the left side of the abdomen
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ness, etc., and relieved by intrauterine injections of sal alembroth, is
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either in a court of law or otherwise. A public servant who does his
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ject, I have throughout been helped by Mr. T. G. Brodie.
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shall be immediately discharged." The punishment for bad
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works published in the the United States last year, medicine