What Is Chloramphenicol Palmitate Used For

rapidly rising to 107^, 108°, 109°, or even higher, and a tendency to

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got. We know that it may be got ; but in no given case can we be

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orous, too, are CUt Off by disease. The great problem before u^ i> to

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are of serious import. These we will consider as their importance

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be regarded as an unfavorable symptom. If due to an over-distension

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the fibrous textures becomes chronic, and fresh rheumatic attacks are

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of the arthritic diathesis. In many instances, also, when the causes

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belong to the arthritic class. The cutaneous manifestations are not

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the nail, and bends the nail into the flesh, causing irritation and sore-

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The argument from the absence of visceral lesions loses some of

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scarlet fever stands preeminent Even before the time of Bright, clinicians

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may be such concentration of the urine, owing to deficiency of water, that the

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Make a paste of a tablespoonful of cornstarch and cold water. Stir

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and serious character when more or less extensive degenerative pro-

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to the production of a debilitated and inferior progeny. The young

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well as relativel}^, in the severe forms of glycosuria. Such patients

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The condition is usually detected during infancy by the staining of

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were now again operative ; namely, the upward move-

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excess is thought by some to be a common cause of this disease.

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gotten. For these reasons gout is more often witnessed among the

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rheumatic poison to act x)rimarily and chiefly. And so it is found to

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other structures and organs of the body, it is often the case that

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and female surgical patients, for children, for diseases

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the light. A lotion containing two grains of atropia to an ounce of

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In the first category, where the energy of cellular activity is as yet

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solution to replace the blood withdrawn is frequently practised, and in cases

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the insufficiency of the heart muscle and the augmented heat produc-

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in causing variations in the resistance offered. Molecules which are not

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expense attending the erection of proper buildings."

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nized promptly, as delay might thwart the most skillful operation.

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6. Other Ocular Troubles. — Iritis, iridocyclitis, spontaneous my-

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Absence. — ^Total absence of kidney tissue is generally combined with

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injection of colored substances, such as methylene blue.

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heard of, a case in which the articulations of the ribs were involved.

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The Internal Ear or Labyrinth. — This is the portion of the ear

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Managers of hospitals have at length learned the best way to keep

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tion, are converted into grape sugar, approach grape sugar very

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whose knowledge is principally derived from the observation of pau-