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under the old but somewhat loose and indefinite method of the past,
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untary muscle, combined with the fibre of the muscles of or-
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Also called lung disease, pulmonary murrain, zymotic
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William Lawrence was born on July 16, 1783, the same
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remembered that our Government, acting on the advice of Sur-
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Adler, Herman M., and Blake, G. : Retention of alkali by the kidney with
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proval of the profession so strongly impressed upon it that very
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< Schultze, Neurologischer Centralblatt, 1892, No. 14, p. 426.
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a fresh crop. In the first place, in order to dislodge the worms,
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perature sense, though there may be hyperesthesia to-
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fore, a series of controls upon which to base our conclusions con-
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From a pathological standpoint these cases are divided into : First.
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therefore, should be particularly directed to them as
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was no eruption of any kind; in 4 cases there were small roseolar
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important, part of my paper. To what extent is that type
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vulsive and sudorific. If the retching and vomiting are troublesome,
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chester^ the retiring president of the American Medical Association^
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mination we promise them much satisfaction and advantage.