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tuberculous. W. Ewart has called special attention to latent and ephemeral
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ter. It rapidly brings the circulation to a standstill
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American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabili
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With every day that the lung remains compressed and with every addition
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entrance of air into the cells is owing to spasm of
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Prostatic Hypertrophy Successfully Treated by Castration.
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Valsalva s process but especially the posterior superior quadrant
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piece of cranium removed by hammer and chisel downward as
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suggests that treatment should aim to restore normal acidity
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potash. Distinct exciting causes if such exist are obscure fright severe
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treatment were used also occasional insufflations of morphine
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Case XV. Female aged forty eight years. Symptoms pain in
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are those bearing upon the question of a permanent cure of
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be neglected in any case of fresh endocarditis even when there are no
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ment of the stomach more violent and persistent. Indeed throughout
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years and as District Surgeon for Florida Crippled Chil
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for reasons of national security and exempts such research from the
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been applied to the study of the bactericidal properties of serum and
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When a sufficient number of facts have been presented in
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or peripheral cause. These subjective impressions may be divided
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tem founded on the least expensive plan. The physi
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deseribes a large sixed catheter like instrument with
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almost exclusively in adult life and characterised by great obsti
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the other is not. The heat of the two conditions is
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and the elaborate tests described in most of the text
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inclined to believe that there are very few individuals
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enable the observer to directly illuminate any part to be
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Pellagrin said that he used whisky occasionally. The record of
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cases seldom fails to ease the patient relax the os
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impossible when the fresh specimen is before us and cut
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that would hasten the accomplishment of the ends arrived at. The
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and dropped into the trachea. It was removed by the low opera
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ess necessarily leads to progressive failure of the functions of the
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Osctltatory observed following a cold bath each recur
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The destruction of the brains of all sheep affected with
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