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wholly beneficial. It conveyed to many the impression that
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coated with two layers of leather and a third of fiannel between them,
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make further examination, on account of dysmenorrhea from
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and by the muscles. In all cases of congenital dislocation there is pro-
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Conner, of Cincinnati, opened the discussion. In the
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spirit of which St. Luke speaks, "the last state of that man is worse
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of New Y'ork has given $2,000, and the Mayor of the
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proper depletion, the pain and inflammation are obstinately prolonged.
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Peer Review, would proceed with the development of a WHCRI
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in this manner before and what have been the results.
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tute, which is to be held at Niagara Falls at a time when it will be a
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Case VIII. A child, male, aet five years, residence 12 miles south of our little
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but shall proceed to slate a feature or two in relation to the mucous
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posed lung-tissue being brought up at short intervals.
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or six weeks prior to her confinement. The consequence was, that she al-
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Augenheilkunde. Ibid., 1885, x, 59; 91. Also [Ab.str.]:
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"The Trepan," we translate that surgeons have been forbidden to operate
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and cardiac paiu may be present, but the conditiou, when not
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fore this meeting and the Congress broke iciation; and we may expect, from a cursory
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unquestionably, is due to the great concentration of the blood which
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for a description of which T must refer to works on chemistry and
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conduct a variety of skilled medical officials. In the
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support our organization has achieved a membership of
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Dr. T. Morris Murray, of AVashington, D. C, said that he
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pain which they provoke is burning, wrenching, or crushing, constant,
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Fig. 9. — Showing how Europeans are Infected with Malaria from the
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bacillus in 47 of 50 cases of urinary infection, calling it bact&rie pyogene,
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sary. The urine was loaded with albumin. He grew better for
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legiate course at this institution, are urged to follow the schedule
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Their duties, when appointed, were medical and educa-
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from the toes upward, and kept wet with solution of clilo-
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than adults. It is our present practice to give doses of 65 mg. (sub-
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normal sodium hydrate solution is quickly added and the mixture
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taste — qualities which render its use quite limited.
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void of all danger, though the per cent, of good results
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be done, so he gave opium, and thought he had committed an
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