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Here at WebThang, we like to keep abreast on what's going on on other sites as well as ensuring our own site has plenty to offer as well.

When we come across items on topics that are relevant to web design and development, we'll post them here for all to take advantage of. If members of the site come across any good articles that they think should be added to this section of WebThang, then please click here let us know of a potential find that we are not aware of.

  • Microsoft .NET Framework SDK QuickStart Tutorials
    The QuickStart Tutorials are the fastest way to understand what the .NET Framework technology offers leading-edge developers. Inside you'll find information about the most compelling features of the .NET Framework technology, including how to put them immediately to work for you or your company.

    Posted by grandtres on 24th Jul 2008

    Tags: .Net

  • 80 Graphic Design Links You Cant Live Without
    A nice collection of graphic design links and web design links. A list every designer should check out. You are bound to find some cool new sites from this list.

    Posted by Rob on 21st Jul 2008

    Tags: Design

  • 15 Resources To Get You Started With jQuery From Scratch
    Maybe you're a seasoned jQuery pro. Heck, maybe you're John Resig. On the other hand, maybe you read words like "Prototype", "jQuery", and "Mootools" and think to yourself, "What the heck are these?" Now is the time to learn.

    Posted by Rob on 16th Jul 2008

    Tags: jQuery

  • ASCII Pronunciation Rules for Programmers
    As programmers, we deal with a lot of unusual keyboard characters that typical users rarely need to type, much less think about. A nice article that displays what character names are and what variations of them are out there. Do they match your understanding?

    Posted by Rob on 13th Jun 2008

    Tags: HTML

  • A MooTools Tutorials
    A good how-to guide for the MooTools development library, complete with code explanation and viewable examples. A must for developers/designers who are looking at incorporating MooTools to their sites.

    Posted by Rob on 11th Jun 2008

    Tags: AJAX, MooTools, Tutorial

  • Aaron Cannon’s Web Accessibility Checklist
    A unique article that presents a checklist of notes one should consider when developing an accessible site, co-wrote by a blind developer.

    Posted by Rob on 10th Jun 2008

    Tags: Accessibility

  • Easy Vertical Centering With CSS
    A great little article that deals with something we've all had to do in the past. This compares an old trusted method with a new more stream-lined approach.

    Posted by Rob on 8th Jun 2008

    Tags: CSS

  • Dreamweaver CS4
    Dreamweaver is 10 years old, and what a decade it's been. When version 1.0 was released in November 1997, the challenge was to provide a better visual experience for web designers regardless of how they coded their pages. DHTML was the buzzword at the time, and by 2000 everyone was expected to be coding interactive HTML experiences with JavaScript. And CSS, having recently been implemented in Internet Explorer 4.0, was the new emerging paradigm for visual design. See the new features of the web's best love design tool.

    Posted by Rob on 4th Jun 2008

    Tags: Dreamweaver

  • Zebra Striping: Does it Really Help?
    Zebra striping—also known as candy striping or half-shadow—is the application of faint shading to alternate lines or rows in data tables or forms. But does it actually make a difference to the user experience?

    Posted by Rob on 2nd Jun 2008

    Tags: Design, Usability

  • Brianjar ASP FormMail
    This script takes generic form data and sends it as an email. It is modeled after the widely used FormMail script available at Matt's Script Archive but is written in ASP instead of Perl. Extremely useful script, especially if you've got long forms to send. Easily customisable for most asp mailer systems.

    Posted by suehami on 14th May 2008

    Tags: ASP, VBScript