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There are 4 articles linked to the Photoshop tag.

  • Vintage and Retro Photoshop Tutorials
    A small list of Photoshop tutorials that can help you achieve an "old-fashioned" look-and-feel in your designs. Another cracking list from the folks at Smashing Magazine.

    Posted by Rob on 15th Oct 2008

    Tags: Photoshop, Tutorial

  • Tons of Photoshop Tutorials
    Exactly what it says on the tin this one, a list of a whole wide range of tutorials on Photoshop that should help to cater for everyones tastes. :o)

    Posted by Rob on 8th Oct 2008

    Tags: Photoshop

  • Learn Photoshop In 1 Week
    Part 1 of a series of tutorials that will get you to grips with the features of Photoshop quickly.

    Posted by Rob on 16th Sep 2008

    Tags: Photoshop

  • 7 Principles Of Effective Icon Design
    Before approaching icon design there are some guidelines and principles that are worth studying. If you want to create effective icon designs, then you should take a holistic approach to issues such as: audience, size, simplicity, lighting, perspective, and style. This article gives you a good starting place for creating icons that work well together and fit seamlessly within your designs.

    Posted by Rob on 16th Apr 2008

    Tags: Design, Photoshop