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Faculty of Innsbruck thereupon summoned the unfortu-
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rubbing together of the diaphragmatic peritoneum and that covering the
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by the fact that when less fluid is injected the symptoms of
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encase it in a plaster cast and give it a perfect physiological rest
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surgical means, and the technique of which is nearly alike.
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severe one, recovery^may depend on the health and vigor of the child.
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This lack of definite knowledge and consequent conflict of
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in many cases the chill is absent. There is moderate fever, full
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"Yes, decidedly. We have had much experience in this line, particularly
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curet, a kind of ring-knife, is very safe, and is popular
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and self-restraint. While, therefore, it may be prudent to
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opened at the most favorable point, and with well-trained
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power to the bladder even after years of catheter life.
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intestinal symptoms. Influenza, however, gives the history of the prevalence
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Mosk., 1897, xlvii, 726-732.— It oberls (J. B.) Tranmatic
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carried out by Hertwig by means of the saliva and blood of
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teristic of a malarial attack, the good general condition before and
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at first. In such cases it may pass in succession through all
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possibly be referred to affection of any circumscribed region of the nerroos
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of those who after post-mortem examination washed tlieir hands in the
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pensable a department of the science, as pathological anatomy,
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epilepsy in diseased structure of the parts within the cranium,
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bly be brought against the propriety of private practice on the
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joint were properly formed in utero, the foetus could, by any kind of
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safety with which it can be carried into the cavity of the
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established through Koch's earlier work. Thus, in some instances,
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especially in schools. Third persons may carry the disease perhaps on
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ported to a certain extent by the voluntary contributions of
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the female is the remnant of the anterior or cylindrical portion
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time of the operation, and perhaps considerable on the
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ing marked flat foot. For these reasons the other points mentioned
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it, while range of temperature probably only acts in the last
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verted into a completely open pneumothorax by inserting a large drainage-tube
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courage persevering eff'ort, and lead us to give the
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eight cases so treated by its originator, G. Cavazzani
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