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the broad ligaments, and to this class belong most of the cases in which

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London Hospital, 2 p.m. ; University College Hospit^d, 2 p.m.

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if so, the hair must by cut and kept very short. Colchicum and

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such cases the serum finding its way out between the clot and

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future course of this active and intelligent surgeon. His de-

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to them the best mode of introducing the Veterinary Art

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change in them, they are brought in contact with the outer surface of one thigh. This may

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In tuberculosis it is exceptional to see an acute clinical phenomenon

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After the same formula as the veratria and delphinia pills,

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never 99°, and ran along on a level. As her convales-

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being feeble and exhausted. I therefore contented myself at the

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vessels of the neck and tlie head are considerably enlarged —

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tions, if possible; difficult labor, or such as always en-

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impossible to tell their story as a part of a chapter like

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times years were benefited by them. The patient's atti-

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M. Delabiilardiere is giving an account of the plants he found

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Comparing the symptoms mentioned by Armstrong with those of

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comitant features. A study of the myriads of maturing

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several others used by Dr. Drysdale, &:c., and we consider

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nephritis and retinitis, yet, in the majority of cases,

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The above Prices being based upon a calculation which excludes

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his numerous experiments and important modifications and extensions of

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he will go better after getting warmed up, but after a rest will be