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inson* found by actual measurements that the caliber of the primary arteries

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h'- raiisin<; a man to hreathe a mixture of it in air to determine, in a

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The Electrocardiogram in the More Usual Forms of Cardiac

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malacia with Cyst-boiiding (Hirschberg).— This condition seems to be

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voiuiiie i)er eeiits of CO. tal<en np liy the blood on the ordinates. The

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Cocaine takers, on the other hand, often acquire the habit by the use of nasal

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III inu' destroyed liy siinliulit : cclU siieli as micioorizanivms arc siiiiilarl,\'

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symptoms of cachexia appeared, but improved distinctly with the appearance

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Itfovfii," Hut it in likflv llmt tin- ii.ii.ji.iity of tlic jmv uoiiltl \..i.

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X 1. Peri-^ffticalar Form. — ^This is th^ most frequent form, and comprises

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i\, .•.-II. .■.ji;. :•■■■]. r.ll. i;i^.

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part being essential to the rest. I shall therefore

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';"■ '•';'•"" '"■"'"'" ""•••■''•"'! •" This xi..„ hns ,„.„ I „ ,.„„s^|..r.-,I.K

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the number of deaths that will occur in a group of insured lives during any

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of an active proliferative process bv direct division. A marked increase in

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will generally show if the disease is vesical in character, and careful examina-

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Symptoms. — In the majority of cases, due to the fact that the lesion is

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other methods of treatment. Irritability and weakness are sometimes

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ending within a few weeks from the first discovery of iUness. Many such

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till siislohf /)/•< vw(// the most impoilant of these are as follows: ( I ■ Ti

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Occapation. — ^'Sedentary occupations seem to predispose to stone** (Osier).

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Tlics.. f;i,.|s .l.-s,.r\,. ;i ..,.|t,-iin an nl ,,f cnipliasis hc-aiis.. of tli,.;.

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may be supposed that various obscure factors — improper or insufficient

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purpose of guarding against this disease, for one is uncertain as to who

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hyperpnea, the /n ra iitdi/i of Co, eiuitained in it was distinctly beli'w

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abdominal wall. The liver is increased in size in a smaller proportion of

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are often associated with arthntis deformans. These phalangeal joints are

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has been found, i, e., in one case a plastic exudate, and in three others tumor

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Th.M.' ,ii-.' s.'\t'i;il .illit'i- iii.'lli.i.ls li\ uhi.-h till- iillv.'ilili.i i'i>.'i\i' m, In-

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nciur in straitrl.t lines, which are siiddcnlv (duinired in direction and

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a .I..!!!.!.' lay. I- i.f nin is nirnil.rani' I;; I

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. I'plicatior, of artilicial i electrical i sliiiinli to it. (•rdinarily the i-on-

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is respniisilile fur the fiiriiiatinii nf the lilirin i lilniiiiejen i may. liNe ntlier

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these conditions it is fre(|nentiy diflicuJ! to find ;iiiy jilatclets. Siiiiiples n

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that when the calculus is formed the lesions become aggravated as a result

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shapely- The teeth grow, and the second set are often large and well

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!" liplieral end of the <'arotid of the other animal, thus estahlishini; a

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