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the movements of the diaphragm are greatly restricted.

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several colours, such as rich red, blue and green, the designs fre(]uently

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infection. The prognosis is favourable if attacked early, but the disease

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with the germs, and that the reason that in certain

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there is strong presumptive evidence that the lat- exudation to the larynx,

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than the normal pressure. The year 1832 was distinguished by great regu-

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nels, but I make use of a little scheme of my own by which I can get

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carbonic acid gas of expiration can originate from only two

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reputation. This man used to lead his donkey through the streets

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the knee-joint could be discovered. The patient was etherized, and,

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appears to show that when the will was executed she had a disposing

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ing constitutions and capacities for recovering from the dis-

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occur in the vitreous entirely independently of pulmo-

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membranes during reaction. The skin, after losing its lividity in col-

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A crayon and a suppository are used alternately every

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the disease is fourteen days; that it may be not more than ten days,

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the younger the animal the sooner it die? from privation of food.

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will give great relief. The patient's head, especially if it be a child, should be

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The second indication is to relieve the symptoms by the various

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sentatives of the insured), argued that the terms 'habits prejudicial to

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Cells already on guard from irritation while in utero

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allude to the pulverised root of the Cypripedium Pubescens, (yellow la-

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severe eruptions the lesions may be confluent almost everywhere save

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except for the diagnosis of disease of the uterine ap-

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lus) may fail to take the brown stain." The truth relative

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fever microbe, but its exact nature is not yet definitely settled. The

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parts ; when the laceration has extended through the

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11, — A man, 43 years old, while standing on a ladder

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In general the method can be said to have served its purpose.

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in certain cases. Thus, in one case, while indoors,

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still believe that the quantity of contents of the cranium is in-

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the U. S. Public Health Service, Dr. Joseph Gold berger. Dr I

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in my humble judgment, any one who will, at the very outset of the at-

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Absolute repose of body and mind in all cases is im-