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to Dr. Wynter, every man, woman, and child, averages 4™ ounces per

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hearers that "the 'Old Meath', as it is called by its former pupils

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extremely unlikely ; it could not continue to exist.

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subject for investigation. Some proprietors live in a sort of terror of the

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Election of Officers. — Dr. Johnston proposed, and it was carried : —

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At Bonn there are altogether fifteen hospitals for the wounded ; and

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members of the upper house, who admitted the fairness and justice of

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make the idle man's way so easy, by persuasion and cramming, as

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share in these transactions ; they were generally attended to by the

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nothing either in the nationality or the religion of the patients in any

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everybody who knew anything about the education of the clergy knew

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for dry linen, as a protection against the cold. We have nothing to

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limb, I case. Shot-wound of the shoulder-joint, 2 cases, in both of which

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sea-air in children than in adults. I have an impression that sea-air

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nated to one of Her Majesty's Ships, or to a Naval Hospital at home ;

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Leeds ; Dr. Sell, New York ; Dr. Rumsey, Cheltenham ; Dr. Paul, London ;

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the termination of the first period of the Curriculum, or at any subse-

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hundred and fifty miles, has a compound fracture, and a confinement (a case of

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He happened to be President of the Metropolitan Counties Branch;

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morphia, and is not a hypnotic or sedative, but an active emetic. The

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the third year in the medical school, if he have attended the Royal In-

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the extent of 14.8 ounces per adult weekly"; and another, that, according

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uncleanhness being the main promoting causes, the action of the Public

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sufficiently far to place it at or beyond his near point, and must accom-

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School will, it is to be hoped, render the entertainment annual. Not

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office of House-Surgeon to the Queen's Hospital, Birmingham. No-

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could be applied so as to discover any inflammation in the patient, that

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with registered and regularly inspected women." He also called atten-

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Disease must be regarded as a condition to be studied afresh in each

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of the clamp and cautery. The patient was a man aged about 35,

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of the registration of disease ; the other, that of poor-relief. This latter

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The vexation, annoyance, and even alarm, occasioned by these

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Bennet, with all his expeiience and with all the light he had given to

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by the ABC process for dealing with the sewage of Leamington, and

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specimens, or other intelligible illustrations of every plant mentioned m

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Infirmary on the l6th October, 1868. The symptoms closely re-