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sity produce very great deformity as most of the low^er lid would have

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stomach, there have been reports ol upper gastrointestinal bleeding asso-

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panitic resonance, varying, however, with the tension of the bowel. SfJenic

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Treatment. No specific treatment is available. Unless

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give nitroglycerin in T ^ grain doses, and give it at short intervals. It

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self; every thing else remains as it was. Always equally faithful. Na-

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the cord most affected. The tract of fine fibres of the posterior root dis-

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acromegaly with exophthalmic goitre, exophthalmic goitre with Addison's

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esting Transactions year after year, demonstrating the prog-

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* P. = protein; F. = fat; C-H. = carbohydrate; Cal. = cajories.

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with .this complaint* It is, to say the least, a very troublesome infirmity,

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the cuticular substance is for the most part absent, or arti-

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when the teeth are brushed. With the progress of the condition these symptoms

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from the dog or cat, and glanders from the horse. Disease in man may,

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favourable specimen for exhibiting the characteristic micro-

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of tuberculous disease, but diffuse tuberculous bronchopneumonia may

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Upon the shoulders, back, and abdomen, were numerous irregular blotches

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Fulminating attacks of typhoid fever, measles, and scarlatina may simulate

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by dividing the standard deviation by the magnitude of the mean in

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the State society in the State board of medical exam-

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Matthews Dcscan ; Mr. F. A. Mahomed ; Mr. II. Morris ; Mr. C. F.

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deir occhio sinistra tra il retto esterno ed il snperiore.

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of applicants from Indiana by the examining board of tbe state

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to the scalp, wkieh k actoidljr partaking of the morbid pro-

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Defective eyesight is a favorite pretext for obtaining dispensa-

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L.R.C.P.&S.Ed., L.R.F.P.S., Glasgow; Sidney Herbert Rhodes,

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The house in which Jenner lived stands, almost unchanged, hard

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of suppuration with smell, the external dressing was

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Manufacturers of a Complete Line of Roentgen and Electro-Medical Apparatus

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