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Gelatine Tubes.— K thin yellowish pellicle at first spreads

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tice in England. Of the 27 deaths 9 were due to delay, leading

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priate at this time to cover false bottom drawers, trunks, etc.

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by Elliot" as "an unusual and exaggerated case of impetigo con-

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yeux. C.-r.,iio. 7, 1-4.] Nord. med. Ark., Stockholm, 1883,

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occurs with respect to the action of nux-vomica, if the process be carefully conducted.

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of drugs because, in the majority of cases, they are not

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The treatment of the disease is unsatisfactory. The growths, when

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the patient had repeatedly remained out of bed during the greater

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and employed it himself in four cases; and, although death

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old, there could be heard at the distance' of several feet from the patient, when

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delirium or coma, when that exists, more violent in degree and

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content may be calculated by the use of colorimetric principles, if the

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tioned by Starkie, which shows that the form of an ecchymosis may occasion-

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Surgical Society; Boston Medico-psychological Association;

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ation of veratrum, digitalis, and the bromides ? Shall we

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ultimate termination of the last branches of the bronchia in

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paralytic dementioii. Such a classification is based on

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confounded is hysteria. The remissions in the early stages, the frequency

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question, the difficulty of which is much increased by

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is exciting the most unfavorable comments. Those who