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tirely separate disease. It is distinguished from chlorosis not merely by the
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regard to their real prognosis, the continuity of the nerve is
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.\Vv J,.'-:- J/,,// '. .\;-:.'<. r.-..,o. "Spinal Myelitis in
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by the projectile in its flight or on exploding (earth, stone,
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segments of the upper extremity is also implicated.
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granulosa to the cases of ophthalmia was only twenty-two, this is
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sociation ; the New York Academy of Medicine ; the New York State
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As the son of a. Methodist clergyman he had to adjust himself every
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Surgery in Syracuse University, was subsequently elected dean of
what is amlodipine 5mg used for
part of it, has each had its advocates, and still continues to have ;
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a firm belief they will not prove — the expectant treatment to
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nesia phos?*, a powder, morning and night. In ten days she
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for one year, when he attached himself in like capacity to the St.
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except in the severe cases ; the articulations of the vertebrae, the sterno-clavicu-
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measures as we know cannot fail." We are so heartily in accord
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in the field, combined with an impulse in that direction
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Blockading" is a graphic and entertaining narrative — or, more
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to Mary C. Bacon, a daughter of Jeremiah and Margaret Bacon. They
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for subsequent attempt to harass and annoy homoeopathy and its
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He began practice at Norwich, Conn., but in 1845 was Professor of
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Very large and extensive wounds that are lacerated,
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hands of our enemies. In my opinion, the society should repu-
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column, the spinal cord, and the brain, the effects of the
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Hughes will to-day ask for your opinion on this " Materia Medi-
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are the doctor's medical corps of assistants. The nursing
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hoeft, Dr. Winfield S. Smith is demonstrator of anatomy, Dr.
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well-defined cerebral lesion, and the latter without any such
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ness, chilliness, and anorexia; and there was generally the history
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lack of male offspring the extinction of his name, power, and
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ter, Mary H. McLean, in Liodenwood College, St, Charles,
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cago Pathological Society, and of the International Medi-
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his digestion is perfect, and his various functions are healthily
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The bullet exercises on any obstacle it meets a more or
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retro-auricular route after petro-mastoid clearing out.
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something to tell you." — "What is that?" I asked. She re-
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ciently the differences between remedies. They are too apt to
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Society, April, 1885. New York : Trow's Printing and Book-binding Company.