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troubled for some years with an affection of the larynx, which keeps up a

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In a clinical lecture on Subdiaphragmatic Abscess, delivered

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reaction on the part of the organism. Yet this does not prevent, as

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dies, is only to be learned by observation and experience in each individual

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Sitzungsb. il. iiiztLVeT. Miinchen (1891), 1892, i, 177-188.

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tion), a serum is obtained after 7 days equal in bacteri-

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to their number I can add the following three, observed by myself :

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having moreover completed their five days of voyage without any

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stant immersion of the parts under treatment in hot water, the free exhibition

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consisting 1 of myelocytes, stem cells, and atypical

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rubber tube and a suitable nf)Zzle to be introduced

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lished by the Ibllowing facts : The miasm of varicella is never known to give

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knee cartilage in the past so I was pretty certain of the

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0.3, 0.2, 0.1 and null alkalinity were left unneutralized. These fluid

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hours. There were no other symptoms, and the animals remained

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Discussion. Dr. Cottell : I have always contended, in this matter of

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narrow. But we were very likely not to have the stretcher, and the

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or properties, without pretending to ascertain their essential

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will give the maximum repose to the kidneys. This is to be

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Infection with this tapeworm may be particularly dangerous, be-

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convulsions, or the ulcers of the throat assumed a gangrenous aspect,

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towns of Porto Rico have been summoned to meet at San Juan

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lately entered on an active professional career, yet what he

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incidentally, for separate sections on operative surgery

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lectures at 22 years of age. Portrait by Richardson at the

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breast, attached anteriorly to the skin over a wide area, posteriorly

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retesting and changes in glasses, are another source of failure.

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laws, — the most important of which are, first, that they have all