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Prevention, — A man suffering from syphilis in an active form

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by the authority for general sanitary purposes or for the relief of the

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employ such drugs as iodine and iodides (iodide of potassium in small doses).

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while other investigations had poorly matched or incom-


and temperature may be slight, particularly in undernourished

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indeed, can only be excluded after a scrupulous local ex-

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to these extraperUoneal purulent collections. They are rare, however, ^noe

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ticularly valuable. He considers the operation for the relief of strangulated

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a very material share in the recovery that followed in spite of the

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by applying the above mentioned method, to remove the whole.

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cial frequency in the knees, and may be wholly painless. The latter is more or

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who have spoken. I am delighted to find that someone has followed

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promise that ultimately tPA will be effective in patients with

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much increased, especially in slight and early cases. But great reliance

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identical to the corresponding disease of other temperate regions

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C. Severe case. Diacetic acid constantly present with a minus carbohydrate balance

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and the child — as was proved by the appearances found on dissec-

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restoring heat and circulation to the clammy cold surface and ex-

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ing PGE 2 production did not alter the effects of bFGF on

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cians for practicing in high density population areas by

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blind. He had lost all perception of light. When his story

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Brown, R. O. University of Wisconsin — 1955 8700 W. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee.

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were noticed. The paroxysms were suppressed for a few days, but

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Whatever differences of opinion may exist as to the ideal

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for instance, on the Faroe Islands or in Iceland. Then it becomes a

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ful and elaborate analysis to trace all its concatenations in the

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his own observation of the cases in the psychiatric

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Infusion of digitalis and acetate of potash were now substituted, but

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it has all the advantages of axis-traction and the ordinary

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thyroid extracts for myxoedema for instance has this strong indorsement from the

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charges should be made, ard such disinfection prac-

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