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out. In England there arc no figures to enahle one to
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diseases. Possibly here is the point of infection in many of these cases.
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dead eggs of the bluebottle are often found in the faeces.
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presented for its division. To effect this the incision should be
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especially one of a strong solution of superacetate of lead ; while
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disease occurs in families, is congenital, and those afflicted are
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will vary materiall}- with the kind of body and complica-
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429 cases, with 279 recoveries (65 per cent.). J. Bell, of Montreal, in
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with external hernia or independent of the latter. Not rarely such
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most, if not quite, all the general symptoms, and some
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istic appearance of carcinomatous nodules in the liver.
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covered. In other words, every case of appendicitis is liable,
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was brushed out. The capsule by which the smaller tumors
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stitches which are inserted ; and should the uterus fall away
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pears to me, that it was not, even admitting it to have been
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which nowadays can be readily obtained by naphthaline,
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applied. This treatment, with but slight variation, was
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on the part of the surgeon. He also advised against
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peculiar '• creaking "' sound on inspiration — a sound
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I have been uniformly successful in preventing suppuration. In several cases of
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Maria Raslear Pediatrics Thomas Jefferson University
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be seen also on the left side, and the edges seemed thicker than usual.
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that other class of information gained by careful education of
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cardiac stimulants as are known to diminish hemoglobin and free
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inches in diameter, and set in the wall of the uterus. In struc-
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like the acute ; but if large, and the danger of converting the ab-
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persons presenting no overt signs of paralysis agitans, or like degenera-
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parent, one — general — to look for the facts of
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dition may Ik* pyonephrosis. The morbid changes then extend to the ureters,
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remain at home in bed under the care of their own doctor.
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Each tablet also contains: aspirin gr3'/ 2 , phenacetin gr 2)4, caffeine gr %. ‘Warning -may be habit-forming.
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retain the rigid state for an unlimited time ; that he may, for
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aged 48, had a very small growth on the lower lip. This
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occurred in young children as well as in several members of the same
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transmission of scarlet fevtr, except for pigs, which are pecu-
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jured eye nothing should be taken for granted; the examination in
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lies in the apathy and ignorance of the civil part of our pro-