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to him that I was in the habit of doing a little dis-

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ing, still raging, and it will continue to rage so long as there is

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"In yellow fever Institute Bulletin Xo. 13, which is the bul-

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William L. Estes, Jr. — Compound fractures of the bones of the

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and hastening factor, for a short time after return-

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Second, "that we should always treat the patient and never treat

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years of age; all were taken with sudden abdominal pain, followed

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Review of the literature of the normal metabolism of infants. —

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proposed to the Mexican railway companies, Liceaga, E., 19; vital statis-

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tory, a surgical building with five operating rooms, as well as rooms

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Cooper Company, the big department store fellows of iS'ew York

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"Who knows the heart? 'Tis he alone decidedly can try us;

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Rio, N. del. Yellow fever epidemic in Orizaba, Mexico, 39.

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carcinomas of the cervix uteri and vagina. — Journal of the

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A limited number of physicians or others who have had

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pass, for we should miss the pictures of the hearty, whole-souled

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tunity to determine the validity of our opinion of the patient's

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Third year students who fail in two major subjects will be

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the City and Tuberculosis Hospitals during the second half year.

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called by us "special" which was a concentrated serum, and "reg-

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first or only one that touched on the idea of similars. Hippocrates

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Spring trimesters. Hours arranged with the instructor.

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a). Anatomical studies of the skeleton, muscles and vis-

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ever, the writer is familiar with the subsequent history of a fair

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children and neurotic females, vertigo and convulsions often usher

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The door is open; the lid is off. If you don't see what you want,

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sallow, presenting numerous moles, scars on the head, and right arm, and

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equipped for teaching and research in bacteriology and

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Sclerosis. The relative frequency of multiple sclerosis, Taylor, E. W.,

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and discouragement. Unpleasant words come thick after these five,

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thought that theoretically thymus should be of value,

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Method for intravenous injection of guinea pigs. — Ibid., 1918,

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ing, like a diadem, the beautiful cedar clad hills of the Colorado,

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66. — : Some Effects of Electrically Stimulating Ganglion Cells. Am.

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