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earth and not of gravel, as appeared to be the case with the streets imme-
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65th Annual Session. Awards were given to country medical
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this dose is repeated on six or ten successive days the symptoms become slighter
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instances those of small size. The larynx may be primarily affected, or the
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A difficulty in the way of determining the particular forms of chronic dis-
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brane of the stomach where, after repeated examina-
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cially among the better classes of society, the mortality is considerably
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taken under approximately the same conditions: with the patient in
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correlation coefficient of +0.367 and a P'^O.OI. In this
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on a previous page, and who was at this time Professor
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strength. Skin dry bnt not hot. He passed 65 ounces of urine within the last twenty-
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the left pelvic and iliac region. As the tumor could
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by two enormous fatty masses, which covered the deltoids on each side, and descended
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pin produces pain promptly, and, he thinks, natural in
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this reflex may also be ascribed the fall in diastolic pressure,
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of W. Busch, who had several tumours on the face, varying in size from a
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Intercostal Neuralgia as a sign of Phthisis. By M. Beau.
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Lime in the Eye. — When lime has got into the eye, some-
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in an aqueous solution of phenol ; a white, clear precipitate
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of wounds of the face inflicted by the bill of a rooster. — Boston Medical and
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to proximity of bladder. As any severe measures would
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Analysis. — Sulphurous acid is immediately known by its powerful and
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wisely instructed concerning their responsibilities as individ-
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providers not recommending the routine use of vaccine
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fluence, during the examination, it is possible to obtain a
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probang, properly curved, as practised first by Dr. Horace Green,
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some tow, which was lying at hand, covered at the top by, and partially en-
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newest official. Until his quarters are fitted up in the City Hall
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of the head, and held pinned to the earth by a bayonet ivhich transfixed his
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crease of size for nine months. Sudden and violent pain in the abdomen occurred
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even wood. It contains the characteristic sugar known as dextrose, and
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other note shows that while patient was in the hospital the patellar reflexes were
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child becomes able to read, there must be activity first in the visual word-