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ciation at large, and confidently ask them what other

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In the chapter on Encephaloid of the Testis, we find the following

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notwithstanding the shield, even at a distance of two metres.

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tine application of gastric aspiration under hista-

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second column of each series of three columns gives the percentage concen-

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it consists of a separation of the epiphysis ; it may, however, occur

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on the osteology of the Insectivora, another verj- elaborate

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were followed in the treatment pursued, i. e. supporting the patient's strength

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warm bath in the treatment of cerebrospinal meningitis.

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Bull, et 1116m. Soc. med. d. hop. de Par., 18S5. 3. s.,ii, 146-

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arrangement, with gradual working into partnership.

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Present, Dr. Elliott, Dr. Ansell, and my colleagues at the Metropolitan Free

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make operations against time, they may make them in

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Many of those who died were of robust health before attacked, and, as far as

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ing bottle-fed babies. As a dressing in old chronic leg ulcers, it has no peer.

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upper third of the stem is slightly curved, to facilitate its

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In these cases a week taken in making a diagnosis may mean

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Mr. Senior, we are especially honored to dedicate this

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syndrome) : but the polygraph or electrocardiograph are necessarj^ to the

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Board of Health, or rather establish a new one. This board

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marvellous cures of rheumatism and nervous disorders were made,

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tacbmentof tbe lower limb to tbe vertebral axis in man. J.

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The claims put forth are : i. The inhalation of chlor-

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proved so successful, that I can not doubt its merits.

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we do not listen to a word you tell us, we can easily get up as

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done by the surgeon was what he considered right to be adopted, there would

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was pale, and the retinal vessels thread-like. The choroid

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which makes two stretchings for one muscle. The stretching of the

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that the proljalily at least 10.000.000 jjcople vac-

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Lange of this city, of transplanting the anus upward and

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patients, being readily digested and assimilated. This result is

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" Mother Grundy " could not bear to look too closely at this

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characteristic for plague buboes is the oedema of the periglandular tissues, which