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muscles, according to the way you train it and feed it.
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of Peptic Ulceration, Surg., Gynec. & Obst., 96:127,
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kidney excretion, though not so high in specific gravity
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except an undue rigidity in movements of the part of
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conditions of climate, country, the habits and diet of peoples, &c. —
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much heat of skin; considerable stupor, but answers questions readily when
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of 50 per cent, at Erlangen, 83 at Helsingfors, and 71 at St. Peters-
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looking like two or three bladders. When these were rubbed the bladder
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rule of the origin of the disease by transmission from the sick
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munication with Constantinople and with the town of Dardanelles,
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The Western Journal of Medicine and Surgery, July, Aug. and Sept. 1841.
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In cases in which this rotation of the eye on its axis really takes places, it
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degeneration ; spleen enlarged. The uterus reached above the sym-
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those hours (from two to four P. M.) when the strpcts were most filled. The
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The annual amount of rain falling at Cannes^ according to
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How many children does a fertile woman produce living in
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The Angioma simplex, or Telangiectasis, to which allusion
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It is therefore much more rational to consider the disease as enteritis, the
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few hours or a few days at most, for that is the only
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require exposure during the heat of the day; but it was soon discovered that
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epidemiological report, and reflects great credit on the service.
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ordinary involuntary spasmodic movements, the most grotesque and
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and diminish the mean duration of life, they tend directly, as just remarked,
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secondly, a return of this condition of the lungs must be obviated, by diminish-
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Mr. Hilton next contributes some of his clinical lectures,
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The acetate and sulphate of copper, whether taken into the stomach, or
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Maats, however^ recognises the most entire difference in kind
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British Medical Association, and have been since published in the
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