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abscesses are produced in distant organs which are con-
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one or two low or filthy streets in a city may be sickly, as was the case
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pose, in the same way. Both remedies require caution in
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the patient. The catheter was then secured in the bladder, thus prevent-
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As a preventive of insects' bites the following formula^' is given : —
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injj; t»> the special imlicatioiis of individual cases.
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•'The Kcliilion of ihf I'ni.-iialo to Chroiiii- riothral Disclunf^t'," liy Dr.
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the unaccustomed noise about the house be to blame.
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the sporulatiou of round bodies of semilunar origin, and even gives a
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on July 27 at Wlnthrop, Mass., was born in 1864. He
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spores to heat has been attributed to their protoplasm being more concen-
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typhus, although occasionally asphyxia takes place as suddenly as in the other
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akeady thrown canaiderable snepicion on one division of Dr. AberoOBK
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the existence of a cheiro-kinaasthetic centre in a man accustomed to write
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climacteric, and to the changes in the thyroid gland, but it is not understood
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are indicated by constrictions. The limbs are omitted as involving need-
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little glycerine " as a simple, effectual, and alm^
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law of that country, he is held responsible, otherwise not.
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' composed of two tunics; the inner one, mucous tissue, and that
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of mental defect is made upon the social behavior of the case,
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contracted and indurated lung traversed by more or less
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bony attachment, he has excellent power of flexion and exten-
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* Reprint from the Interstate Medical Journal, Vol. XII, No. 12, 1905. Published by
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preventible." Typhoid fever ought therefore soon to disappear
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the works of Pasteur and Koch, it was shown conclu-
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mediate place between the home and the insane asylum, and
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by impressions in the nervous expansion or tissue of an organ of
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of vision contracts, and gradually becomes dim from the centre to
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the simple and ordinary apparatus was sufScient for this purpose ; whereas all
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at Camp Meade. A culture kindly furnished me by Dr. TunnichfT
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wife, a living child ;" and there was some truth in the old
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while there are in the same population hun- matters. Here again they are judged with
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the eclamptic mortality. This is not to recommend Cesarean section
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iwnia lata, was recommended to eat strawberries for two days in as great
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syphilis. Ibid., 1893-4, v, 55. . Choroiditis simu-
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the developing solutions were always splashing and cor-