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cases, and from plasma-cells in various other organs in a
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" As, however, these forms not unfrequently co-exist, or succeed one
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sir, been half as industrious after truth as you have been zealous to
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the tissues and cause no further trouble. In other cases, however, they
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injected neosalvarsan intraspinously into two patients with general paralysis and
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of the humerus ter iiiveloid sarcoma ; no return of the dis-
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entered the brain. The subdural space will be found completely
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direction of the falls during an attack depending on
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Association with Other Diseases. — It has been assumed that there is
third divisions of the same nerve are similarly affected ?
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use of spray instruments ; and if Richardson did not, a
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progeny have become roarers. Evidently the hereditary in-
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tract than the testicle, but that in none of these cases had a
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avoid the din and excitement of large cities. The compulson,- rest and tnotplMc
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occupations pursued by men expose them more fi!klly and more frequently
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Military Medicine and the Medical Officers' Reserve Corps — Major J. F. Abel,
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the stomach and thus lessens still more the general
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have better results is because we open up all wounds and cleanse them,
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disease has been found; with regard to this, it must be borne in mind
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a lesion of the labyrinth or VIII nerve ; a peripheral lesion produces
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reaction may be amphoteric, i. e., the urine may turn blue litmus-paper
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articulations. Two or three turns of bandage may now be thrown
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last two months of my twelve months' morphia addic-
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inch iri front of, and three or four lines below the right external auditory
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line, I found quite an abscess in the internal condyle. I contented
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making any inferences as to whether the hydrolysis had gone beyond
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toms, such as local paralysis, contracture, hypersesthesia,
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were sold. Being small in size as well as in contents, and without
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viz., visual, tactile, auditory, olfactory and gustatory,
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sense — personal, domiciliary, and public. Everywhere
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iaad the alleged difficulties been discussed with a hearty desire
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the intestinal tract ; the same holds good for carcinoma oesophagi.
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rotomy. As to the two views that have been expressed as regards the
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to the tissues of a part, and which is distinct from cither a morbid growth
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• Tlie enema we are in the habit of employing for this piu'pose, is simply a
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3dly. On dissolving it in nitric acid, and then heating it over the fumes of
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it was snch a combination that I saw not Ions; since in a