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theria, and beri-beri give rise to the most serious types, and often cause
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tation may suddenly arise. From this accident (cardiac fatigue) recov-
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ties, either irritative or paralytic. The irritative lesions give rise to
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pital for Diseases of Women; Professor of Medicine in Mason College,
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blood-plasma contains much fat. It is probable that the albuminoid
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Symptoms. — These are (1) General, and (2) Focal.
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turbances of the cardio-pulmonary circulation that are occasioned by trivial
lamictal 100mg uses
administered hypodermically, if necessary. Sleep should be obtained by
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cerebral symptoms (maniacal excitement, coma, and apoplexy), also
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octavo, 420 pages; 151 illustrations. Based upon Grafs Anatomy.
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vessels that have escaped destruction, pass through the cyst.
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foot. R. T. Williamson found the knee-jerk absent in 25 of 50 cases
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and to a slight degree in the anterior, columns. The chief microscopic
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Diagnosis. — That cases of neurasthenia are misdiagnosed as other
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"The text has been carefully prepared. Nothing essential has been omitted, and its
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above prescription is not productive of free secretion and troublesome
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causes are irritative lesions, situated in some portion of the facial
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formation of a clot, followed by arrest of the hemorrhage, is encouraged.
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quent attacks, and thus, as- a result of repeated seizures, pleural thicken-
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an indigo-blue ring is formed above a white resinous deposit. When
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tritis, and I have quite recently seen an instance of the sort verified by
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upon the windpipe excites a paroxysmal dry cough. Compression of a
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uated just outside the ring in the first portion of the gut (Osier, page 369).
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Fig. 48.—]. Air in the pleural sac; 2, fluid exudate at base of pleural sac; 3, compressed portion
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racter. A feeling of fulness and nausea are among the common features
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liable to be affected. Painful palpitation, precordial anxiety and other
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the disease is slow, but pi'ogressive, though life is usually not threatened
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marked cases there is a yqyj feeble and irregular cardiac impulse, accom-
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cytes are very numerous. Large mononuclear leukocytes and myelo-
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under restriction, is sure to improve the general condition of the patient.
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better defined, broader as a ^rule, and of an opaque, slightly yellowish
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establishment of the diagnosis of the aifection may be summed up as
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are blended in the higher psychic arcs determines the kind of mentality
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