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floor, etc. Public halls and meeting places should be avoided
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referring to praise of Dr. Bouffler's ability, said that " there are
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every four or five days, and not used to deplete the secreting apparatus
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general or partial, is usually easy. The shape and position of the swelling,
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icterus gravis, the onset of the disorder is sometimes sudden and may
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his head. He was at once picked up unconscious and removed to the City
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and was thus maintained by supporting the hand in a sling, with the fore-
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constitutional right privacy, includes the right to refuse life-
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the gallbladder out and fix it to the abdominal wall and drain it he
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In another experiment, it was noted that very little matter soluble
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authorities as causative of renal calculi, and it would be strange indeed
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men of Rotherham and its neighbourhood should be elected
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give anything but a qualified opinion as to the purity or
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lateral bending or by rotation. Foi-ward and backward bending
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thick, creamy pus. The examination of course to intestinal antiseptics — naphthol,
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Blood examination on Aug. 15, 1913, showed hemoglobin 60 per cent, white
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Deficient in education, and with no knowledge of the world, he finds
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the same effect can be found in our journals. The veratrum is an
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coccus, isolated and cultivated from fluid in the knee joint of a man of sixty-seven
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surprisi'd to lind so many cases re|>orted.* 2. The variations
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an equal amount remained outside. To the outer end of
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casionally be recognised on the application of the stethoscope over the
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Dana to exclude this as well as any syphilitic lesion. Cyto-diagnosis
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apparent that the teachers were making the best of the situation, and,
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If this work has been so long delayed as to suggest the doubt of
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days after a late crisis, I found a full dose of opium, as recom-
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the case may be, of the meningeal-choroidal complex. Secondly,
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of the teeth, adenoids or chronic nasal catarrh may cause
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sign, though there was no real exophthalmos. In this case the disease
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rhagia, where the use of hot water is successful, al-
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Case III. — Mrs. P., wife of a physician, slightly hysterical, and
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warrantable practice, and gives as his reason the injury
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efficient; that they all need, to give them force and make them opera-
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during last summer in association with Dr. Klein as to the
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