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gocele. He was intelligent, but was nearly blind in consequence of optic
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border of the sixth rib. It extended in this line down to margin of ribs; while in the middle
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exertion, frequent urination and perhaps attacks of
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Influence of Gravity upon the Inhibitory Action of the Leaf.
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was of a wax-like, unhealthy, jaundiced hue ; the features of the face were swollen and UriJ
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which he had listened to the paper which had just been read hy
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Traits clinique et therapeutique du Diabete. Par le Dr.
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probably led to the fatal effusion and accelerated death.
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" Some later writers deny that ozone is ever present in the atmosphere. We
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house as formerly, and before she felt her usual health return ; in-
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that they neither oxidize nor harden. — D., F. & Co.
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following day they were contracted, but still did not react to light. The optic
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Obviously there would be a tendency for hospitals to peg
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Dr David Brodie, 68 Hamilton Road, Highbury Park, London,
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of the cornea, exudation in and closure of the pupil, and hardening
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levocarbidopa santozonata
Heuss's formula has been checked by gravimetric estima-
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operation, which latter ho only iKM-formed when driven to it.
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recovery has taken place, and the animal has been sent to its
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the heat. Still the water became so hot that once it
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not to operate. 3. When to stop. 4. When not to stop.
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("tic non-douloureux "), or to facial neuralgia ("tic douloureux"); while
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Webster, Joseph, M.R.CS.. L.R.C.P.Ed., Golear, Huddersfieid
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administering them both externally and internally. In fact, among the
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the substance of the softened tissue. This seems to me, on the whole,
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Limiting attention to the cases in which, sooner or later, the disease proves
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Should this book reach a second edition, more care-
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painful, and the other symptoms soon followed, and had