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idiopathic gastritis, we can scarcely commit an error in the diagnosis.

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whigs had assembled as usual to talk over the events of the day, in

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to Man is clearly recognized, and is fully discussed by

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seen in an adult; there has been only one case of otorrhoea, and only the mildish

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unsettled : It is our wish to make this department of the Journal, a

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may be seen. In most instances such dropsical cysts have been found

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infraspinatus, and teres minor (Figs. 575 and 576).

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tent poison evolved by it, or overwhelmed by its supe-

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Migrainous epilepsy is, as I believe, another manifestation of

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been entirely prevented, even at the outset. Stripping does not prevent

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same care with our milk ? A few reputable dairies have

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not uncommon in the fever which ushers in the constitutional

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engaged at present in investigating this disease. Having a

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cool, abdominal muscles tense and abdomen tympanitic. No

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tated skin from the discharge flowing over it. There is no better local

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duces the temperature, was fully established by the results 'of a series of ezperi-

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with long forceps, but it was impossible to tie any vessel

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severe and do likewise. We understand that Dr. Benjamin Thompson

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For scrofulous or debilitated individuals, he recommends the addi-

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giene, let alone the very reasonable sanitary requirements

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improvement in the general condition of the sufferer.

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Dr Armour asked Dr Haultain whether, in any of the cases in

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" The College, lra.\nng considered the report on the subject of a Conjoint

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I have since heard from ]\Ir. Calvert, of that town, that she

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documentation, and consultation with or referral to an

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This little volume is one of those which are of extreme value, as it

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puted febrifuges, such as quinine, antipyrin,etc. In

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Fig. 8 shows a section of the alveolar process from

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their altered state of consciousness may predispose to

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midst of severely infected cities. It is further noteworthy that the

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a superficial sore of some three inches in length was observed

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case the services of one on the spot may be secured. On the

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of glandular affections and lupus in the father's family. The

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difficult and tedious than it generally is. There appeared more

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tricle. The blood in its effort to escape must pass from

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350 beds for tubercular patients in the Branch Hospital.

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of inflammation or thickening, and, indeed, only to slight

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