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with terrified gaze every instrument the surgeon takes into his
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credit. A few thousand years ago a whole people was in fear
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discovery and use of intentional anaesthesia. Tr. Missis
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duodenitis nor disturbance of the cerebral functions
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fections of suckling children. It is fortunately very trifling in the vast
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ing moderate or slight degrees of pelvic contraction. It is quite
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the head of a college. Now as we have heard him say banqueting
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patients any opinions that I may express are founded.
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curs the city the health authorities shall properly and
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Although trypanosomiasis exacts a considerable toll of animal life
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that ha.s been acquired he cannot however flex the fore arm so as
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spread directly into the vertical portion of the frontal bone. The
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hypnotic which is not like most of our modern reme
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for two months at the end of which time recovery was complete.
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when it may be permitted as a derivative. Mercurials are of
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satisfactory evidence as to the widespread existence
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Donkin s skim milk diet yet that fulfils all the requirements
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Put up in pound bottles and sold by all Druggists at One Dollar.
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ground with great rapidity. Hard steps short going
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