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action of the organism and the reaction of the host.

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underlying tissues, combined with an abundant fibrinous exudation from the

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duced by varying the size of the potato scrapings. Similar results were

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nary laboratory methods. The newer methods described by Conradi,

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Thus a highly acid condition of the urine with concentration,

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4.— It is writen by one knowing the needs of the student.

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with secondary fever, or even death (Chauveau). But after several transfers

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usual being to make a scratch on the skin into which the inoculated material

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the kidneys, in circulatory disturbances, and in consecutive

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ever, the damage is a complex one; that is to say, the endocardium, myocar-

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sick, who, upon examination, showed a few healed pocks. In one such

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The injection of antistreptococcic serum is practically

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by fever, vomiting, and muscular rigidity, seemed to be characteristic. The

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probably less than in any other severe acute disease and it is less likely to

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or two such instances; for example Rilliet and Barthez report 2 cases,

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surfaces of the trunk to the axilla, and from this point it frequently invades

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should be given during the next few days. In all operations upon the joints

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from reflex irritation of the superior cervical sympathetic ganglion through

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as those necessary to promote the reaction. As this "chemical virus" in-

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speaking, like saving at the spigot while wasting at the bung.

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giving birth to twins. Hjelt has reported embolism of the abdominal aorta.

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be arrived at until all the papers were before me, I have

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the expedient of crossing with intermediate types, and ob-

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provement in the treatment still continuing, its death-rate will

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urine. Bodily exertion or grave mental phenomena in healthy

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rules are to be observed. It must be a cardinal principle to stop all bleeding

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this class, but before doing so I think it important to

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1,150 inmates of the prison at Amberg in 1880. Similar epidemics have been

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in Germany, which shows the benefit of energetic measures against the spread

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