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As to the causes of drunkenness, in eight cases it was trace-

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luemugeur. of the figure = 555 sq. mm. The large central square has an area of 1 sq. mm.

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Respiration. — ^^Of these, the former is isomorphous and isovolu-

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thrombotic risk associated with the heterozygous factor V

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The Treatment of Kickets. — The " Centralbl. f. d. ges. Therapic "

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not an actual perspiration. The emetic may be given during

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entry of bacilli through the medium of blood-sucking insects has been

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matter would absolutely occlude tlie ureter, and the kidney

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been mentioned favorably, as a laxative, in the medical literature of the age, by

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THOMAS, M.D., LL.D., Author of the System of Pronunciation

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Treatment, Including Radical Cure. By William H. Bennett,

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the most important of which was that of Troje, which appeared

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unknown. It reached North America in 1735, but was absent from South

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a number of cases of spasm of the glottis in which there

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monie," Wien, 1883, S. 177 ; Routh, " Brit. Med. Assoc. Jour.," June

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produced any narcotic effect. The action of the accumulat

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flat strips of steel wii*e bent in a serpentine form, as in Fig. 1.

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a human strain, was the seventeenth generation subplant of a culture

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geese, donkeys, and other animals, when fed entirely on sugar,